The Benefits of Having Your Wedding Away from the City

As brides look at their options for a wedding ceremony and reception venues around New York City, they quickly notice one thing: it’s not easy.  Venues are booked out years in advance, and costs can be much higher.  So, here is how to plan a beautiful wedding day outside the city in the beautiful Hudson Valley.  A memorable day just the way you want it and your guests will love it too.

Wedding planning is a time-consuming task, and couples are always looking for ways to make sure the day goes smoothly without costs piling up. A practical and fun idea is to plan the ceremony and the reception wedding outside NYC at a single location.  The Links at Union Vale is just that place with its picture-perfect setting, exquisite ballroom and its easy accessibility to NYC.

Simplify the Planning

If you are planning a wedding out of town, consider a venue that can host both the ceremony and reception. There are so many benefits to staying at one location. First of all, this will make your wedding planning so much easier. If you have your entire wedding ceremony, pictures, and reception at one location, you only have to deal with one venue.   Having your wedding in one place also means one coordinator will be responsible everything goes the way you want it.   There will only be one location for decorations, drinks, and food and last-minute adjustments for the ceremony or the reception are quick and easy.  There are so many things to think about when planning a wedding, and anything that makes it simpler gives you more time and freedom to enjoy your big day.

Save Money

A single-venue wedding most often saves you money, and it’s much nicer for guests your guests too. No need to pay for transportation between locations for yourself or your bridal party.  Other things that can add up when there are two places include travel for the photographer, and decorations and rental costs for two sites. You can see how all of these things start to add up.

Make Things More Comfortable for Guests

A lot of couples get caught up in elaborate plans about exotic and expensive wedding destinations, but what about your guests? Not everyone can afford the travel fares as well as taking time off work. Having your wedding ceremony and reception at the same site eliminates all of the ‘in between’ travel that happens with multiple locations.

Guests will be more relaxed and able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings that you’ve chosen for your wedding.   Not to mention, they’ll be no rushing off after the ceremony to get to the reception.   A single site offers the chance for you to mingle more with your guests.  How many times after a wedding have you heard a bride say, “I wish I had more time to get to talk with everyone!”