Golfboard at Hudson Valley's The Links at Union Vale
Golfboard at Hudson Valley's The Links at Union Vale

The GolfBoard at The Links at Union Vale
$22 for 18 Holes or $15 for 9 Holes after 5 PM

That’s right, GolfBoard – named the "Best New Product for Golf" at the 2014 PGA Merchandise show, has delivered its first fleet in the Hudson Valley region. The most innovative invention for golf since the graphite shaft, the GolfBoard is now surfing the earth at The Links at Union Vale.

Golfboard at Hudson Valley's The Links at Union Vale Golfboard at Hudson Valley's The Links at Union Vale
Golfboard at Hudson Valley's The Links at Union Vale

“If every golf course offered GolfBoards, golf would be the most popular sport in the world,” said Stina Steinberg, Golf Digest Global Golf Director.

The Links at Union Vale is an 18-hole championship golf course that is forever changing the way golfers experience the game. GolfBoarding is safe, fun and easy for everyone to learn. Your golf game will never be the same after you play a round on the GolfBoard.

Powered by an environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery, the GolfBoard is an easy-to-ride vehicle that adds a new level of fun and excitement for golfers of all ages, allowing golfers to "Surf the Earth" in a way that feels similar to snowboarding, surfing, or skateboarding. It is as intuitive to operate as it is fun to ride. GolfBoarding changes the golfing experience, without changing the spirit and traditions of the game.

The GolfBoard is a cross between a skateboard and a cart, and is built specifically for golf from the ground up. It is a four-wheel-drive, gear-driven, posi-traction golf transport vehicle. The user is always in full control of both the speed and direction. The integrated thumb throttle controls the speed, while the user controls the direction through body movement.

Due to the popularity of the GolfBoard, golfers should make sure to reserve one when they call for a tee time. For first-time users, there is a 15-minute training required before using the GolfBoard.

Click here to watch the required safety video.

"I think these are just the coolest. It's going to be the biggest change in the game of golf since the sand wedge."
John Haines, Golfer at The Links at Union Vale  

"You always want to try to be on the forefront when these things come out. But this is here to stay, it's such a fantastic innovation. It's fun. It's going great."
Robert Caeners, General Manager at The Links at Union Vale

The New York Post: Golfers riding a new wave — and we don't mean golf carts

By Brett Cyrgalis September 3, 2016

As a reasonably athletic person, I still looked at the GolfBoard in front of me and wondered if it was safe, if I could strap my clubs to the front and ride this skateboard-like machine around a hilly 18-hole course.

Then the general manager of this Hudson Valley semi-private club, The Links at Union Vale, assailed my fears by pointing over to the putting green.

"Look there," Rob Caeners said to me, "that's John. He's 77, and he rides the thing every day, Monday through Friday."

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Poughkeepsie Journal: GolfBoards unveiled at The Links at Union Vale

By A.J. Martelli July 27, 2016

Chuck Clifton had an affinity for skiing when he was young.

These days, the 73-year-old from Garrison likes to golf. And now, he can almost combine the two.

On Wednesday, The Links at Union Vale unveiled its fleet of 12 GolfBoards.

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MIX 97.7 Radio: Try GolfBoarding at the Links at Union Vale

By Mark Bolger July 28, 2016

Is there a way to make a round of golf go faster? Well if you would stop hitting the ball in the woods that would help, but that takes years of practice. GolfBoarding is like riding a skateboard on a golf course and you can try in at the Links at Union Vale.